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About us

We are a high tech company located in Sweden. The development of parts take place in own machines and also with help of higly qualified sub contractors. Our aim is to use only the best possible materials and sub contractors with the right knowledge. That is why our products always are the state of the art.


Hawk Turbine have a mission...

To design and produce the state of the art model turbine engines.

We will always be in the front, having the engines with the lowest fuel consumption and fastest spool times on the market.


Each engine is quality tested and has ben run several times in our computerized test bench. The engine is delivered in a transport safety caseing with a unique test performance protocol enclosed that is specific for your engine only. Your engines has to meet the standard to be delivered!


When a engine is made with so much care and high tech knowledge, there is no reason why we should not delivery the engine with a three years warranty wich we believe seldom will be used.



Hawk Turbine AB